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But naturally, Tinawas afraid of Lou's hard attitude and of losing respect in Johnny's eyes.Tina was unsure of the next step.In a very ironic way, step was not her choice. Working a stingoperation as a prostitute on the South Side, Tina ended up in seriouscondition after a coked-up john stabbed her, once in the abdomen and oncein the shoulder. Fortunately, no vital organs were damaged, but there wasplenty of blood loss, and a stay of a week in Intensive Care, followed byweeks of. Harder and faster. He grabs her breasts with both hands and squeezes just as she reaches her pinnacle. And then she is collapses atop him, staying prostrate to him. Scott feels her juices dripping over his balls just moments later.“Merry Christmas, Scott,” she whispers in his ear. “I still have one more present for you before the day is over.”Tinsel rolls off him after a few moments. Scott is happier than he has been in years. The catgirl falls back to sleep. He thinks about his childhood and. She was going crazy. Moaning so hard. Digging her nails into my chest and back. Then I hold her and roll over so that I am on the top. Pull her to the corner of the bed such that her one leg is on the floor. And I was holding the other leg up. .I start fucking banging her now very hard. I held her thick hair. While I give love bites on her boobs and cleavage. She was enjoying it so much, closing her eyes in pleasure, head raised up a bit (by me pulling her hair), and moaning continuously.After. I found out by accident that she was a whore a couple of years ago and she and I have been regularly fucking and eating each other ever since.If you're shocked that I can so casually refer to my Mom as a whore, then don't be. Mom likes to refer to herself as a whore. She says there is nothing wrong with being a whore and that a good, honest whore delivers a fair, quality, service for a fair price just like any other business that sells products or services. She is proud of the fact that the.

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