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As I drove away my mind kept returning to last week when Pam sucked my cock three times in one day and I finally got to eat her pussy and fuck her ass.... The trip there was pretty uneventful so I just focused on the road to ensure that I got there safely . I stopped for gas and something to eat about half way there when I got a call from Pam asking me when I thought I might arrive , so I told her where I was and figured that I was still about four and a half hours away yet . Why I asked ? Well. She was 27 years old and her husband was 33 had a sexy figure of 36-34-36. They are not having a very happy sex life where he keeps getting exhausted very soon and after two days he is not responding well. He suddenly shifted to Delhi and comes only 1 week for a month.She was asking a way to make him effective in the sex and I felt very sorry for her and gave her some tips like abuse him and make him want your pussy and don’t let him finish the sex early and we had sex chat for almost a week. Anu is my sister. Bossy but loving and caring Indian sister you usually find at homes. Anu is nineteen. One year older than me. She helps me with my homework, play with me, buys me sweets and such a sweetheart. We don’t have to walk much to the bus stop. It is right across the streets from our house. But the atmosphere is ridiculous. At least a twenty school kids and a few office workers wait to ride the same bus as we do wait for. Well, this is going to be one bumpy ride and that’s for. " Anyone else she would have been insulted, but she knew that Peter loved her ass as a fuck, as a toy, as something to just look at. Facing the table and bracing herself with her hands, she slowly lowered herself onto the prick she had come to know and love. All the hours she had laid over his lap while he watched TV and idly fingered her ass had paid off. She could now easily take his prick up her ass, strangely to Maur, Peter said that he thought her ass was as tight now as it was the very.

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