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I let them have ten minutes start then set off upstairs to find them. At last I found the right room. As I entered I could hear Ana screaming in clima... as thrusting a huge cock into her little sweet body.The man between her spread legs was my own boss, Mr. Lassitter…Armand was next to get on top of Ana, his dick went into her cunt easy as she was so full of semen. He fucked my wife real hard, with no mercy.There were another six guys in the room, some I knew and others were strangers to me. I. My mother's very conservative investment income, which my father had set up, could easily cover the necessary expenses, so I asked the lawyer to administer them for us. He agreed, so that considerable burden was lifted; both my mother and I were adamant that our faithful servants would be cared for until they died. The lawyer would also take care of selling the house and other property around Clio after we left town. That business covered, I was able to return home in time for lunch.That. At least I thought we were… “Damn, get off of me. You’re making me claustrophobic!” Leslie blurts out rather abrasively. “Why the attitude honey? Didn’t my lovely pet have a nice, long come?” I ask. “Don’t call me that, you sound as if I’m some sort of possession now. I’ll have you know, I’m a married woman. I belong to only one man!” she says with surprising venom in her voice, especially for someone who only minutes ago was so thoroughly enjoying herself. “Hmmm. Well I thought I made. She knew he liked a little hair on her. He wanted a woman. Not a little girl. Adam devoured Kevias pussy. He licked and sucked at her clit causing pleasurable moans to escape. Kevia seemed not to even be trying to hide the fact of what was going on from Carrie who was just a room away. Adam continued his assault using his tongue to alternate from flicking Kevias clit to using his tongue to fuck her all the while lapping at the juices wanting Kevia to cum. After a few minutes of feverish licking.

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