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.. cruel bastards," muttered the Admiral."For a month I went on a bender. There was nothing else to do but drink. The Navy weren't giving orders, the ...hips stayed tied up. One day I decided to go to Vladivostok to find a tailor for my new uniform. I hired a car, a Benz Tourer with dualed wheels spiked for snow and drove to town."Yvgeny found people huddled in doorways or grouped around fires to escape the cold. He left the Benz and trudged through the snow-bound streets dim in the half-light of. The wetness is dripping from your cunny down toward your ass hole. Three fast, four slow. You are breathing hard. You are rising. You are digging your fingers into the flesh of my back. You are kissing me and moaning. Three fast, four slow. I slide my hand between us, down to stroke your clitty while I fuck you. You shiver and scratch me. Three fast, four slow. I stroke you faster, harder while my cock is sliding in and out of your sweet pussy. Three fast, four slow. I feel bigger. We break our. Ich ging wieder heim und wollte gerade auf mein Zimmer gehen, als ich aus Sues Zimmer Geräusche hörte, die mir irgendwie bekannt vor kamen. Vorsichtig drückte ich die Klinke an ihrer Tür herunter, aber sie hatte abgeschlossen. Ich lief in mein Zimmer, kroch in den Wandschrank und späte durch das Guckloch. Sue lag mit weit gespreizten Beinen auf dem Bett und dazwischen lag ihr neuer Freund, der kräftig auf ihr herum wippte. Sein schmaler, nackter Hintern hüpfte auf und ab und als er sich mit auf. "Mark! What are you doing?" "I'm sorry Casey, this is tradition. I've smelled their girlfriend's cum so this is only fair." "Don't worry. You smell great!" one guy complimented. "Yeah, I wish my girls smelled as sweet as you" said another. When all of the guys that wanted to smell it had (some were embarrassed and remained where they were), Mark got back on top of me, missionary style, and leaned in to kiss me as he started fucking me hard, holding my hands above my head. He left my mouth and.

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