She passed Steven sitting in his chair and sat next to me almost on my lap. She started to giggle a little and asked me what I wanted to do the rest o... the night. Taking a swig of my beer I shrugged. Steven stood up and glided over to his wife and began to touch her pussy in front of me. In shock at that moment I didn’t even say a word. All I could hear was the moans coming out of this beautiful woman next to me. Slowly she stared to lay down on my lap. Gliding her fingers up and into my short. She sat near me on my bed and kissed me very gently and moved her hand on my thigh and touching my dick over my nicker it had already erected. Then she removed my penis from the nicker and give me a smile, kissed my penis tip suck it move up and down twisting my dick she had taken my penis deep inside her mouth.Then she came over me sucking my cock in 69 position. I lift her lingerie upto her waist and removed her panty and started sucking her pussy in 69 position for about 10 minutes. After. Ravi and Vinay decided to hav trip to Mahabaleshwar – hill station in satara district of Maharashtra. They decided to keep our kid with inlaws, so that we can get time to spend with our respective partners also sameer and shalini – newly wed couple were going to join us. Sameer was 30 and Shalini 26 they were having their 3rd honeymoon in 1 year of marriage – very romantic couple. Now the 6 of us were ready to leave for mahabaleshwar from Mumbai. Ravi had made booking in advance in 1 hotel. We. " I say. Jack is overwhelmed with frightened tears and hyperventalating. "I know, man." "Let me have your keys and then get into the goddamn car." He gives them to me and slowly slides towards the passenger door. I unlock the vehicle and we all step inside. As always, I buckle my seatbelt, but find that it feels too weird. I take it off. "Damn man," I say as I start the car, "I need a cigarette like I've never needed one before." I toss the small black purse I'm holding to Jack..

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