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They decided they would go fishing and try out the new boat. So they loaded up their jeep with a 2 man boat, tent, ice chest and fishing poles. Jim h...aded to a small secluded spot on a creek he was told about hoping not to have to many others around. They got there and were surprised that they were the only ones. "I'm glad no one else decided to fish here this weekend" Jim said. "Me too" Teresa agreed "Now I can wear my new bikini." They set up camp, threw a couple of lines in the water,. ” I walked over to the blanket and lay down on it while he rustled through my beach bag. “Front pocket, honey,” I instructed. “Got it,” he said, as he pulled one out of the bag and joined me on the blanket. He carefully ripped it open then very efficiently rolled it onto his gorgeous member. “Alright, first try!” he congratulated himself. He then rolled over and put his arms around me, then began to kiss me and gently squeeze my tits. “Now you have to get me ready,” I said. He laughed happily. "Your cock is too close to me," I say, biting my lower lip. "Touch it, go on, you know you want to. Otherwise you wouldn't be here," his deep voice is making me hornier than usual. I resist his advances nonetheless. Or at least I do my best to. His hand then proceeds to travel up to my nipples. The hair on my nape stands up to attention. In fact, every single hair in my body stands up to attention. The chills I was getting from being touched by him are way too much for me to. Taking this as an encouragement, I sped up my assault on her hips. I started a new rhythm of movement, pumping her body. She began to moan out each time I pushed against her. Her feet landed on the bed, legs bent at the knee. “Unh! Unh!” She groaned each time I pushed into her. Her fingers on my back clenched a little, her nails starting the dig into my skin. I upped my speed again, and I found myself slamming my hips against her harder and faster. She made many sounds under my assault, all of.

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