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"You didn't hurt me." You're sure?" Uh-huh. It felt good all over." He reached and unhooked my bra. "Let me show you."Taking a step back I let my bra ...rop the floor and watched as he lowered his mouth to my left breast. Instead, of going for the nipple which was erect and tingling, he brushed his lips all around the soft flesh of my B-cup and worked his way inward. By the time he touched my pink bud with his tongue I was aching between my thighs like I had never felt with my fantasies and I. Both the tit and the hand belonged to my beautiful princess from India - also known as Lavanya. She was just back from her short maternity leave - she had birthed a baby boy just over 4 months ago.She had always been a friendly face in the office, and I had been jealous of her husband for knocking her up. So when I had the chance to get naked with her, and to fuck her - I had grabbed it with both hands.I really needed more hands - two hands to cover two milky rounded tits and two firm ass. " she chidedShe moved him to the bed and moved for me to take his place behind her. Taking his wilting, glistening manhood into her mouth, i took my now throbbing cock and burried it in the warm, wet, cum-filled trench between her ample thighs. I put hands on her hips and slowly, building speed, used the full length of my member to churn the cream in her pussy into a thick lather. Then she reared her head back, and looking at me with a feral glare started shoving herself as hard as she could. "Yeah, a head chef that is not afraid to make decisions and cook good food. Well, shall we start cooking?"We did not have time to switch over the menu before dinner. I did add two pasta items as chef's specials, a simple tortellini, which Wayne proposed, and a light chicken linguini with an orange sauce that I decided to test out. Since it was still only April the crowd was only moderate. I do remember being a bit shocked when I saw the wait staff. Instead of charming ladies, the all male wait.

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