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’ I shut up. Then Jolene invited them to stay for dinner and asked me to go get some bar-b-q at this place we really like. I told her it would be ab...ut an hour by car and she said fine, and that I’d better be going. The door was locked behind me before I was even off the porch When I got back, the girls announced that they weren’t hungry after all and left. I kept my mouth shut as Jolene and I ate. I put the remains in the frig and began to make my late night moves. Jolene said she was too. "It appears to me that you're really enjoying yourself tonight,Jeff." "Yeah... You could say that! You know, 'cause I guess I kind ofsort of am..." And, it also would seem that you really like to dance..." Yeah! I guess I do at that!" "And, it would seem that you don't mind dancing with guys?" No! Though I can't figure out why, you're right! I don't minddancing with guys at all! I mean, while I'm still a guy - Youknow, up here in this head of mine! You know, who still likesgirls! You know, in. I gave you something special.”“What?” I asked, the wind still dancing around us.“Something useful,” she smiled. “The wind!”Then she hugged me and we soared into the air.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Becca BrittanyI found the source of the giggling. It was a golden-skinned woman with hair the color of auburn leaves. She leaned against a massive oak tree, her fingers plunging over and over into her pussy. She kept laughing and cooing her delight.“Ooh, yes, yes, yes,” she moaned. “Ooh, I'm going to. “Now get your clothes off and let’s see what we can do about this huge erection of yours.”Bradley was naked and lying on top of the bed in almost the blink of an eye. She smiled at his eagerness as she reached behind for her zipper. His eyes almost popped out of her head as he realised that she was taking her dress off. “Don’t get any ideas,” she told him. “I don’t want to get it creased or to end up having to take it to the dry cleaners either.”He smiled as she climbed on top of the bed..

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