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"Let me go and get Tanishaand Ashanti a few good pairs of ladies' shoes. You can go and try someoutfits on in the dressing room."Tanisha and Ashanti begun looking through racks of clothes....Ashanti grabbing item after item off of the racks, and Tanisha pickingtentatively at the outfits. James went up to Tanisha and whisperedsomething in her ear, and this prompted her to suddenly grab a couplemore pairs of pantyhose off of the display.As we were shopping, Ashanti's eyes zeroed in on a. I had real reservations about going in but Kellyfinally convinced me that I really did look beautifuland that I would be fine as a woman. Hmmm, a woman,me."Okay, I guess." Trust me! Stick close to me and you'll be fine."We walked up the front steps, I was still a littlewobbly, it reminded me of my first time at wearinghigh heels years ago, and I giggled. Once we got inside, Kelly talked to the hostess and we followed herto a table, where two people, our friends Nicole andJoe, were already. "Would you like one?"I again shook my head."It'll help you relax." What makes you think I need to relax?"She shrugged. "Are you sure?" I'm fine," I said firmly. This wasn't how I'd rehearsed things."Okay." She extracted two martini glasses from the bar and set them next to the shaker. "So will David be coming by?" No, and I'm asking the questions." Oh." She poured vodka and vermouth into the shaker. Then she added a little ice and put the lid on. As she gently shook it, she looked back at me.. I could tell that the store worker could feel it too as hernipples hardened against my skin. As Master thrust his hips against me,I felt the store worker grab my ass and pull me forward, pressing me upagainst her, wanting to feel more of Master's cock. As she did, she alsobacked away from our kiss and looked over my shoulder, focusing entirelyon my master. As Master continued to thrust my hips started toinvoluntarily move back and forth, unable to be stopped by the handsthat were unsuccessfully.

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