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Daddy. Won’t you be my daddy? Daddy. I need a daddy. Daddy. Won’t you be my daddy? Daddy.’* I loved that song. It was that song wetter by Twista... I played the song as I ironed my clothes for school. I just turned eighteen years old and I live on my own since my parents died and left the house to my name. When Ja’Quan woke up, I was in the shower now playing O by Omarion, with the stereo on full blast. I guess he liked the songs I was playing ’cause when I stepped out da bathroom, he was. She arrived at the game midway through the first quarter. Her beloved team was losing by two touchdowns.At the game, she said exasperatedly and slightly tipsily, "Why are we losing? Somebody, anybody, tell me why the fuck we are losing?!"Little did she know; she was being watched by some boys behind her who wanted to score also.Red was the color of passion. Touchdown after touchdown, the team eventually made up the deficit. As the quarterback ran for his life to the end zone, she celebrated. ‘You know if you would just answer the poor guy, you wouldn’t have to hear the – what was it? Damn trilling of the fucking phone over and over.’ She heard a heavy sigh on the other end, but nothing else. ‘You know Ellena, its ok for you to want to be happy. You can’t go on living your life the way you are. Gabe is a good place to start, he really genuinely likes you.’ ‘Jen, I think that’s been made abundantly clear already, but it’s not the issue. I refuse to endanger –’ ‘Ellena, stop right. I used to stare at her lips and imagine kissing them. When she used to bend in front of the PC to explain something, I used to move back a bit and stare at her amazing hips. On one such moment I just casually touched them with my hands and kept on brushing them lightly, she did not say anything; this gave me the confidence that my approach will at least not be met with rebuke or anything worse. Either she was dumb or her mind barrier was being torn slightly. I hoped for the later. In fact, I.

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