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The serene setting inside the church was the mirrored opposite of the chaos churning inside her head.She'd stumbled across a sight that had drawn her ...ut her mental confusion. At her feet was a grasshopper, struggling to free itself from a spider's web. She watched the parroting of her own feelings play out on nature's stage.She smiled, recognizing the similarities to her life. She noticed her wedding gown had intricate patterns common with spider lace. A web of her own choosing! She watched. I saw his pants get slightly tighter, and I decided to let his big "little friend" get some air. I crept up from the foot of my bed towards John, who was sitting against the headboard. I unbuttoned his pants, unziped his fly, and slid his pants slowny off. I saw his large cock pressing against his confining boxers. I laid my head on his crotch, and I smelled that man sweat of his. While I was here, I raised my arms, and pulled his shirt over his head, and tossed it on the floor. I. " You are pushing me to the edge of my comfort zone. I want to hold you and kiss you and feel you touch me. Then while we are lying face-to-face holding each other, I want you to line me up and help me enter you. That's where I want to start. I want to hold you and kiss you while we make love slowly and passionately. Then we can think up something else." I can do that my love. In fact, doing that would really make me happy."I loved making love to Elaine. She took my request to heart and after. “Howdy, Mr. Holloway,” she said. “Hi there,” I said as I gestured to the seat next to her. “Mind if I sit?”She nodded and I sank down into it. “You know,” I said as I loaded an apple slice with peanut butter, “you don’t have to call me Mr. Holloway anymore. You can call me Sam.”“I know,” she said quietly, “it’s just hard to think of any of my teachers as anything but a teacher sometimes.” I nodded. “I get that, but I’m a whole human being. I have a life outside of school.”Her mouth fell open in.

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