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.. I kept right on going. He got up on his knees and pulled off my pants. Thankfully they were lose because he didn't even try to unbutton them or any...hing. Then he went down on me. At least he did that semi well. It was not great, but better than anything he'd done up until then, and I was starting to get back into the mood again. Although he was a sloppy eater... When it finally came time to have "sex" he bounced around on top of me like a jack hammer and after about 2 minutes started yelling. The next day Paula seemed more distant and my wife was the one doing all the chasing. I felt very flattered that both girls had a crush on me and thought it might turn out different than I was expecting....It did.The next day Paula had to go into town with her parents and this left my wife alone for a couple of hours where I called in sick and my wife came to my chalet. We got talking as there was not much to do in there as there was a single bed with a sink and that was it. She sat on the bed. It was ... enthralling. The way they watched me with rosy cheeks and glossy eyes.I excited them.“Tabitha,” I moaned as she stroked her finger up my slit, pushing between my plump vulva to caress my inner delight. She brushed my clitoris, the pleasure shooting to my sensitive tentacles. They reached for the entrance of my pussy.“Mmm, I love it when you moan my name, Etta.” She stroked my clitoris faster. “She really loves it when you do this. It really makes her go wild.”“I see,” Christine said,. She failed to mutter a word, and just undid his shorts. They fell, and his cock flung out."Wow," she muttered, examining his dick. "That's nice and hard, Todd," she complimented him before wrapping her right hand around it and peeking at him. "You know, incest is a felony, but yet you still want me?" she asked, standing up with him."Yes, sis," he moaned, jiggling around. "You are sexy in every sense of the word. I might be sick, but as I said, I can't imagine another day without having you.".

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