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He parked the wheelchair just inside the door and set up a walker."Walk, as normal as you can between the support corrals." Payne told his letting Joe...get up from the chair on without help.Joe stood tentatively and took hold of the sides of the walker and walked the 15 or so feet to the other side of the room."Joe, you're putting all your weight on the walker. Stand up straight and walk normal, letting the wheels roll free as if you're pushing a shopping cart." He advised him.Joe came back to. Anna texted Tracey earlier to let her know that Dani was full speedahead on the manic cardio, weight loss and fat redistribution. Shealso texted that they had lowered their goals to 135 lbs. Dani walkedinto the gym dressed to workout, then changed into her high heeledworkout shoes. Dani had stars in her eyes as she tried to followTracey in the workout. The workout took an intense turn up at the end.Tracey was getting turned on watching this man/woman follow herinstructions with a smile on her. Before I could, Ben grabbed a handful of my blond mane, pulling and turning my head until I could see into his dark brown eyes.“Are you going to behave now, or do I really have to heat up those cheeks?”I couldn’t believe this was happening but, humiliating though it was, it was making my pussy hot with need. I was dripping and certain that my thong was more than damp with my juice. Consumed by fear and excitement, I quickly nodded. “Okay, I’ll behave. I promise.”Ben held my gaze, pausing as if. He grabbed me from my below part of breasts and turned me back, and started moving his hands on my hips and said, bring it back, bent down and push your ass on my cock. And I bent over and moved my hips back and John grabbed my waist and forced his cock between my hips.He shouted loudly, “ooohhh what an ass, uuummm my cock is so hard and I am so fucking excited” Smith started laughing loudly, and I was looking at Smith, he said, Parul, this is not all, we both gonna fuck you had today.John.

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