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Mein ne kabhi bhi un kebare mein bura khial nahi socha thaa.Aik din aunty ne meri mummy ko kaha keh rashid ko kahein keh bazar se gher ka saman lade.m...mmy ne mujhe kaha keh aunty ke gher chaley jao aur un ko kuch saman bazar se lado.mein aunty ke gher chala gia aur un se saman ki list leker bazar se saman ladia. Jub mein saman leker unn ke gher per pohuncha tu uss waqat wo wash room mein. Naha rahi thee kaafi deir ke baad aunty ne duwaja khola aur mujhe under aane ki kaha.uss time unn ka beta. I do get a glimpse of my mother every now and then though. Never enough though!I watched Dawn and Kelsi going at it for a good five minutes when I finally whispered, “Can I join in?”Dawn rolled her head to look at me and just smiled.Kelsi said, “You’ve got to fuck me this time! It’s my turn!”Dawn just smiled at me and said, “She’s really wet! You’ll slip in even easier than you did this afternoon!”I replied, “So you know! Are you mad?”Dawn said, “No! I’m not mad, I only wish that I had been. So her lovely butt was pointed right at them and I could clearly see her pussy lips and the brown slice of her tiny asshole through her wet suit. The boys were staring at her visible holes…One of the guys said I was a lucky man, by having such a hot wife…I laughed and then grabbed Ana, passing her to the guy. My babe giggled and blushed a little, as I placed her on his lap. I could see his hands around her waist feeling her body up and down as she plopped into his lap. She squirmed around as I. ..One little man between her legs started fucking her pussy, another straddled her stomach and pushed her tits together, sliding his dick between them, and a third straddled her face and began thrusting in and out of her mouth. Kristen's hands were opened and her fingers wrapped around two more dicks... she wished that they could find a way to totally fill her, she was very aware of her ass being empty. She wanted dick everywhere! In every way that she could have it!Cum spewed in her mouth and.

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