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I took a six pack from the fridge and brought it in. Daddy was sitting on the sofa, Stan was sitting on a chair across from him and Paul was sitting o... the coffee table. I handed everyone a beer and Daddy patted the sofa next to him.“Sit down here honey” he said “and take a beer for yourself. And saying no isn’t an option.”I sat down and opened the bottle. I had only tried a beer once and hadn’t liked it, but arguing with Daddy would get me nowhere.“Cheers” Daddy said and we all drank. The. I don’t care what your mind or your mouth says. Your body says different, and it likes me.? He dragged His hand across her mouth wiping her juices on her lips. ?Taste yourself baby. You did that for Me.? Her tongue didn’t react fast enough for which she received a sharp smack on the ass. ?I said taste yourself, NOW,? He barked. He watched as her pink tongue darted tentatively out of her mouth licking the evidence of her desire from her lips.He grabbed her hair, pulling her head back as. Never mind. The remaining slender reeds of personal privacy seemed immensely important. Running his own life, John at least could partake of the small comforts available to others. He could go to the multiplex and see a movie. He could swim in a motel pool, or enjoy a solitary walk along an ocean beach.There were no reporters or photographers trailing along behind him, making his life miserable. There were no handlers appointed by industry or government to run his life for him. He could — and. Ofcourse, the name Lesley did not help too much."What do you like to do, Lesley? I would love to find out more aboutyou." Well I love to read books, take walks. I am not much for sports. Doyou play sports?" Well I love to play baseball and was wondering about the team here atschool." I don't know much about the team, but I could show you around the schoolon Monday. I could also show you around the town here tomorrow."Leon agreed to that and sauntered on home.Lesley went into his house,.

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