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I told her she could stay to heal as long as she needs. Days passed and she slowly started to heal. A few weeks later she was all healed. I ordered he... some sundress’s so she had clothes. I named her Daisy . I just picked a name. She liked it. One night I was asleep in my bed. She ran in and laid next to me. I had a nightmare can I sleep in here. Yeah no problem. This happened 4 nights in a row. Daisy tell me about this nightmare. Well I’m on a yacht, drinking with a bunch of people having a. Quickly I sat up and glanced around embarrassed, praying that nobody noticed. None of my friends were really in this lunch, so I’d just grabbed a two-seat table in the corner to eat as fast as possible. I reached into my bag hanging off my chair and checked my phone’s time, still not completely awake. The display read 12:10. ‘Oh crap,’ I mumbled rapidly grabbing my bag and making a run for the stairs. The bell rings for 6th hour at 12:15, and I’d be lucky to make the bell let alone be early,. He couldn't think straight. His thoughts were all over the place, moving from positive to negative in a blink. He felt like he couldn't breathe with all the emotions that swam around inside him, each one fighting to take over. He started to pace around his room as he thought of all the possible things that could go wrong this evening and paced a bit faster when he switched to thinking of the things that could go right.If all went according to plan, he would get to have the only woman he had. He then dropped to his knees and returned the pleasure that I gave. He was more experienced...he did things to my cock with his mouth and tongue that sent my mind spinning and my cock spurting cum. He got up and said," I could always make you cum!" He went over to his backpack and grabbed some lube as I dropped on all fours. He dropped down and spread my ass cheeks. He softly kissed my ass cheeks and smacked them once...he then began to eat my ass. He poked his tongue across my asshole, sliding.

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