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'Doctor' was too kind a word, butcher would have been more appropriate. After he had re-modelled her uterus and opened the interior of her vagina with...his scalpel, he had been able to insert his forearm at least twelve inches into her. At the time of the operation Evelyn had been unable to feel a thing; but several hours later when she came round she had been in agony as the local anaesthetic had worn off. Supplies of morphine, purchased on the black market from corrupt Rwandan Army medics, had. Nothing.Did I miss her? Is she back upstairs?With a heavy heart, he turned to leave."Hey, is that her?" Suki pointed at the bathroom entrance.He spun, "Where? Where?" I think she just walked into the bathroom. Check it out?"He stared. "Um, you want me to go into the womens restroom with you?" Oh, come on!" She dragged him over.When he got near, he realized it was a "family restroom". There was only one passage, "S"-curved so those walking by couldn't see in. Beyond was one large room. Stalls. “So you won’t rat us out?”“Rat you out?” she scoffed. “Hell no. I’m going to help you!”We all broke out into relieved grins. We decided to go back to her apartment before discussing this further, to make sure we wouldn’t run across any less-friendly eavesdroppers. Once we got there, the plan to grab Ms. Archer as she was walking to her car – she always worked late on Fridays – came together quickly.By the time we were done, everyone was nervous, excited, and wired with anticipation. Lisa. I think am seeing things, because I can’t remember her taking off her bra and panties, she is naked, she is actually completely without any clothing, and her breasts are beautiful, they are small and beautiful, the nipples are erect, and am sure they are aching to be touched, mine are! Gently, she pulls me to her and directs me to lie on my tummy, she lies on top of me, lightly supporting he weight with one elbow causing her dangling boobs to tease me just below my shoulders, she feels so.

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