This fresh humiliation started me crying anew. “Oh,Ronnie,” I sobbed, “why is this happening to me?”“I don’t know,...#8221; said Ronnie. “Let us pray to theBlessed Virgin for the strength to endure yourtorture.”“Hail Mary, full of grace…” we prayed as my thirdrapist shot into me and Number Four took over. Hefinished quickly, then I saw Paul standing over me. Hehad an evil smile on his face as he took out his hugecock. I was too. " I think it might be in my bedroom, by the way I'm Don, I'm Ray I replied. Do you want a beer or something, sure I replied. He handed me a beer and said he'd be right back. After a minute or two he returned " I think I might need your help, he saiid, sure what do you need ? Well I think the card I wrote his address on fell behind my dresser and I can't reach it, maybe you can. So I follow him into his room and still to this point being young and clueless nothing sexual had even crossed my mind. When they both returned after changing clothes my gf was wearing a new deep cut top showing ample cleavage and short skirt, her friend who i thought of as a shy girl was also wearing a deep top but not as deep as her, i was shocked to look at her like this, we three sat together on the floor over the mattress which was our bed and were watching movie on my laptop, my gf switched off the lights. While watching so that i could fondle her boobs, she kept her weight on me and getting the. We went up to him. My finger slipped into his pre-moistened hole; I'd say it was sucked in, actually. As I fingered him he moaned like a bitch in heat, and Bruce grabbed him around the neck. He forced Mike's ear back to his mouth."Back for a refill of cream up your ass? Hum?"I got a second finger up there, real tight, all the way to my palm, and twisted. Mike Davenport's breath caught in his throat; his hands caressed the lower arm of Bruce where he was forcibly restraining him. "Yes. Oh God –.

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