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I almost left right then and there, but I had to close my check, plus I was her ride home. I walked up and sat next to them. They somehow noticed me a...d stopped making out."Hey, sorry! So, Brian wants to come hang out at my apartment. His friends drove him, and I told him you drove me. Would you mind if you drove him back as well?" she asked me. She placed her hand on my thigh and leaned in when she told me. She had a slight look of pity on her face.I couldn't believe it. She was going to take. Hands that molded to each one,one at a time. Caressing and pulling and then pinchingthe nipples. I had to bite my lip to not moan,and didn't want it to stop.Then they moved down and wrapped around my ribs,slid to my stomach kneading and movingall over.Then to my thigh's,now he said "lay back for me"so I did. Those hands started at the tops of my thigh'sand both massaged and rubbed to my ankle,then Ihad to catch my breath as he tongued each toe on myfoot. Sc****d his teeth on the sole of my foot. "Please..." he whispered again."Open your eyes," said the burglar holding the gun. "We want you to watch."Matt opened his eyes, as the second burglar grabbed Sonja's legs and pulled her towards him, until her ass rested on the edge of the mattress."Oh! No!" she cried.With his wet tongue sticking out of his ski mask, the burglar squatted between her thighs. Matt watched in horror, as he buried his face in Sonja's pussy and slowly started licking her clit. Sonja twisted and turned on the bed,. So 3 days each week, all year, is 156 days that ive fucked myself with my dildo. Im going to say that each time lasted 4hours ( in actual fact it was much longer, as anyone who has watched me on skype will tell you). So 156 × 4 = 624 . 624 hours with my dildo sliding in and out of my hole!!The reason i fuck my ass for so long is because i get so desperate to cum and i can't cum anally every time. When i have managed to achieve anal orgasm (probably no more than 10 times in total) its always.

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