" So is he still here?" I asked. "Or did he get transferred somewhere else?" Let's just say he's no longer with us," Tomás crushed his cigar in an as...tray.Something about the way he said it sent a chill up the back of my spine. It had been about three weeks since somebody uploaded the unencrypted video that the FBI had intercepted. I wondered if that was the malfunction that had led to Brother Donald's accident."Any questions?" he asked. "Very well. I will see you tomorrow. Someone will meet. "Can't you do what you did to me last night, play with my penis?" Karen couldn't fail to notice the excitement in his voice. "I know I got really tired after you made me... ehm..." "Cum", Karen grinned, amused by the look on her son's face when he tried to remember what she'd taught him yesterday, "you mean after I'd made you cum." Please mommy? I promise I'll be a good boy all day." You do?" Karen said with a smile, pretending to give his offer a lot of thought. "Well... OK then." "Really. “More, oh please, more please… I need more,” Sasha begged as he teased her with the rope. She was almost at her wits end when he pulled the rope away and placed it below her nose. The smell of her musk overwhelmed all other scents in the room. “This is how wet my little slut is. What should I do about that?” Mitch said calmly. “Fuck me, please, oh please fuck your little slut,” Sasha said before she could censor her words. He smiled as she blushed, but whispered, “I knew there was a little. .. only..." I want you right here in front of me, this instant, Gigi."Georgie hated being talked to in that way. But he was already in troubleand didn't dare make it worse. He put himself close to Rod and stoodwith his arms at his sides, chin down."No, no," Rod corrected. "Look at me. Do you understand why I have tobe mean to you?" Yes," Georgie whispered."And that I hope you'll benefit from what I do?" Y... yes, Rod."The stronger man -- much stronger -- reached out and caught the softflesh.

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