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“Spit on my butthole and shove your cock into me,” I said. Charlotte moaned loudly at the concept, and Luke did exactly what he was supposed to d.... He spit, then shoved his finger in for a moment to loosen me up, and without wasting any time, he fucked me right up the ass. It was the first time I had anything other than a dildo up there, and Charlotte knew that. She was squirming all over, straining against her restraints in passion as she watched me take it up the ass from my own brother. . Dan took her by the arm and formally escorted her to their living room. Greg and Laura kissed warmly and then she reached behind him to remove his cummerbund. ‘Dan bought this gift for you so you could match colors with me.’ Greg admired the cummerbund and then took in Laura’s beauty in her red dress. ‘Your taste is perfect, Dan, I understand you picked out this lady’s dress as well.’ ‘Thank you, I helped. You two have a good time.’ ‘I am sure we will, I will return Laura to you safe and sound.. Cindy had been so close. Her legs shook and her pussy moved to any sense of sensation that might be there. Cindy slowly came off her edge of bliss as she continued to soak her stomach. A hand curled around the top of her panties at the small of her back and yanked roughly down. Cindy yelped as it was pulled down to her knees. Faintly Cindy wondered of her pair of panties would be ruined but the thought was rudely interrupted as a huge cock pressed between her legs. Fuck yeah,. I surreptitiously put more weight on my front foot for a moment to relieve the discomfort, then quickly shifted back as one of the black belts roaming the room neared me. I felt a little stab of guilt as I remembered one of Sensei’s favorite admonitions: ‘Do the right thing always, not just when I’m watching you!’ I sank more deeply than required to make up for my little transgression. Eat bitter, I thought desperately. Eat bitter, eat bitter, eat bitter . . . ‘Yame!’ Sensei called. ‘Switch.

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