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I started to remember what happened when Agnes came in and ran to me. Tears were running down her cheeks as she leaned over and kissed me lips gently....I could tell she wanted to hug me tightly but was holding back. I smiled at her slowly. Hoarsely, I asked, “How bad is it?”Dad said, “He hit you in your right side almost nicking a lung. You should be okay after a while.”I looked to my right and saw Carl with his arm in a sling. I looked puzzled. Dad resumed, “Carl went after him when he ran and. A quick punch generally took care of that. I was a red blooded male I have to admit I thought of what they might look like. Girls my age where more my speed though. My world was spinning and my damn dick was throbbing. It was the 1st time I saw my mother's milky white breasts, They where huge unleashed lite blue veins running down to her pink areolas the size of coasters caped with pinky tip sized nippels.There sheer weight made them sag but there was still perk in those 41 year old tit's."O. My parents started to take over the farm when her father got sick, had a stroke that pretty much knock all the wind out of his sails. My mother and father married a few months before that happened. Once he could no longer operate the farm, my parents stepped in. Just a few months later, my father received a draft notice. Since he used to crop dust for a living (this is how he met my mother living on the farm), the military assessed him as a natural for a pilot. Next thing he knew, a few months. Molly was very melodramatic about it all. They’re fine. Mrs. Torquist’s sister lives nearby and she took the kids and the dogs and the twins in. I went over there last night after they started working on you and calmed them down, but they insisted on staying there.”“Where’s their father?”“He’s a long-haul trucker. They tracked him down in California. I sent the plane to bring him home. He’ll be here this afternoon.”“You’d better call them and tell them I made it after all. Good Lord! My dying.

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