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“I really have created a monster,” I laughed, with Kirim cuddling into me and laughing along with me until we started kissing and becoming more ar...used.“Yes!” she hissed as I slid into her tight, wet channel. “Oh I feel so horny these days. Must be the baby doing it!”“You still feel so damned good, my Lady,” I replied as I moved powerfully within her.“So do you, my love. So do you ... ohhhh!”Kirim went from one orgasm straight into another as I rode her, often wondering in humour if I was going. They looked down to see his cum finally oozing out of her. She moaned as she felt her womb emptying of the massive load. He groaned as he watched the cum drip onto the massive squirt stain she sprayed onto the mattress. “You’re a messy cummer; you know that?” he teased. She looked down at the huge stain. “You’re just as messy of a cummer as I am. How many times have you left puddles of cum on this mattress?” “Twice or so,” he replied. “Last time, you swallowed all of it,” he laughed while. At that point we usually back off and try to act ‘normal’ with threats of ‘Just wait till I get you alone later.’ But today we kept pushing the envelope a little further till we were in over our heads horny as hell. I began rubbing his bulging cock through his jeans aggressively and then I’d walk away. He’d walk over and put his mouth against my ear and whisper ‘I want to taste you’ as his hand would find its way between my thighs where he could feel the heat radiating thru my clothing. I. I don't think you can understand that unless something like this, God forbid, should ever happen to you. I think we are managing the best we can."In fact I know it is harder on her than on me. She in reality has lost both me and her lover, for he won't, or can't, leave his wife. I still think enough of her to hope she finds someone to fill the hole that both of us are leaving in her life. All that said, we could never get back to what we were before I found out she was cheating." You are a.

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