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I could still look between my mom's tits and get a look at her eating Tricia out, and her reactions were justified.I couldn't stare long, but then I a...gled my head up again and closed my eyes. I made her have to move her butt back and forth, but I was still committed, so I followed her and kept her lips inside my mouth.It was a little painful to my neck, but I got it done for her yet again. Even if tears had to form on my face, I still didn't stop. I just pictured her taking it for as long as. People assumed all sorts of things to fill in the details. I found it hard to ignore them and just smile, especially as my belly grew and my hormones swung wildly from here to there. I also found it hard to think of myself as half of a lesbian couple- just saying it felt so political- when I had always considered myself nothing more and nothing less than simply sexually open minded. At first I insisted that I wasn’t gay. People were confused. ‘Are you living with a woman?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘So is she. She too was once an innocent unhappy white housewife living in an unhappy marriage. She remembered her first week working at the resort Island of Eban many years ago under the old management. She remembered how she soon became addicted to black cock herself. Those were the days when the resort required couples to divorce upon entry to the Island. She felt totally free even though she still loved her husband at the time. Her husband soon changed and became like so many of the other husbands. Again I nodded. “Good girl.” He stood me up then removed the tape slowly from my mouth and sat me on the bed. “Take my dick out baby, and suck me off. I wanna see that pretty little throat get stretched.”I did as I was told and reached over grabbing the buckle on his pants and undoing it dropping them and his boxers to the floor. I pulled his dick from there and leaned forward sucking him deeply. I relaxed my throat as I felt him ram damn my throat. He started to lean down towards the bed.

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