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That really deserves a reward. I shall have to think of something.”Nipped off to the gents for a quick wank while I still had the image of her legs ...n my mind. It was only afterwards I wondered if there were cameras in there. I’m guessing not – nobody has said anything. Still, I found myself thinking back to that Question Time in August. I’m sure I’ve heard someone saying that New Order plans to introduce “No Wanking” legislation, though I reckon that IS scare mongering.Wednesday October. As I continued to move my lips on her neck and down to her collar bone, I pushed my body harder against hers, causing her to back toward the bed. When her legs reached it we sank slowly down onto the soft material, my body moving with hers. My hands now exploring the front of her body, across her flat stomach, toward her full breasts. Touching them, I gently cupped her breasts with my hands, my mouth once again meeting hers. Her hands moved down, sliding into my boxers, grabbing my bare skin.. After a sound sleep, I woke up and it was at 4.30 evening, I logged into Facebook again and thought of telling him that I don’t want to come reasoning that I got end up with work but things turned out another way.On the day, my roommate told that his friend is coming over to take some exam, so he might be staying tonight with me in the room (our room is 2 sharing ). So I was pointless, then I understood my fate. After so many thoughts, I made up mind, I informed my Facebook friend that I will. This made my dick harder.my dick was waiting 4 freedom from my underwear.i pressed the boob harder and lost my control and pinhed it.at this stage her sleep disrupted and was turning around.i was alarmed and wanted to run,but my legs r not working.she didnt rise instead laid on her back and now her two himalayan boobs came at the upper side.that scene was marvelous and now i tried to unbutton her top,suddenly she opened her eyes and saw me.i was shocked.without uttering a word she rose up and.

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