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" She undid three buttons which exposed much of her pretty little light red bra. It was her turn to blush. Again she leant forward for him and this...time little was left to the imagination. Although not quite revealing her nipples he could see the full curve of her beautiful young breasts. She looked up enticingly as he filled the viewfinder with her cleavage. "I suppose its just my bra now?" she whispered to him, pulling her top off completely, sitting there in just her short skirt now.. ” Of course I did as I was told and her roommate began to suck on my ready cock. Soon my wife pulled out her strap-on and started to fuck her friend from behind as she gave me head. This was so hot I was barely able to contain myself… I didn't. I came all over her friend’s face while she was still getting fucked hard by my wife. “Good boy.” My wife was definitely turned on by the whole show.“We’re not done yet.” She said in a playful tone. I couldn't think of what could be next. My wife lay. She felt she should step back and apologise, but found herself reluctant to do so.His arm slid further about the small of her back and held her there; she leaned her head on his breast and continued to dance.She felt her nipples beginning to harden and push in to him, becoming more sensitive and sending little thrills of electric passion, direct to her genitals.She quickly became aware of his hardening member pressing up between them, brushing over her pubic hair and pressing in to her lower. She ran her right index finger up her puffy pussy lips and then to her mouth. She told me the thin guy did a good job cleaning her because she didn't taste any seamen. She got home just after ten and went straight to the shower. I was up when she came in but I was in the kitchen straitening up. I didn't bother her and allowed her to enjoy a hot shower while I came out here to the porch. Soon after I sat down and picked up the Sunday newspaper it started to rain. She and I sat out there for a.

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