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Michelle giggled at the sight of Quinn's midget arms, and even more sowhen one of the shrunken digits gave John the finger. ?Quinn's shotswere no long...r that great, but Michelle managed to bounce one in, goingright for a high five, but "--Oh yeah, sorry. ?Here, take the remote."She placed it into Quinn's child-like fingers.He looked up at John, then shrunk his legs to half there size, allowingJohn to only barely see over the table. ?"This could go on for a while!"Quinn called.John scowled at. She looked like a porn star. Edward finally delivered a nice load of cum into Kathy's pussy. He pulled his dick out and sat back down on the couch. Kathy got up and sat next to him. I could see cum dripping down her leg.Edward looked at me and said, "Bill, go get us some drinks. Let's relax a little as I get my energy back for round three. I plan on fucking your cute wife at least two or three more times tonight. I assume that's okay with you. I know Kathy wants more cock tonight."I did as. That beauty that transcends the physical, that even were I blind I could still have see it." I think I sense some 'dark designs'," Misty teased as Miranda turned her head to kiss her."On your part, perhaps," the courier teased, "But I think you know me well enough to know my true intentions." Rather," replied Misty, her voice something of a purr as she teasingly kissed Miranda's chin, "Infact, seeing as I do know you so well, why don't you tell me about that time? About all those unspeakable. ..more musky and sweet...wonderful!) I kissed down her thigh from her knee to just outside her outer labia, then skipped over and kissed up the other thigh to her knee. I did that twice when she pulled her legs back, offering me her moist pussy. I rubbed her thighs while I licked my way around her lips, slowly zeroing in on her slit. She was moaning softly and slightly moving her hips in rhythmic anticipation of that first lick between her folds. My tongue parted her wet flesh and I licked from.

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