It will feel ok. I didnt know if it would feel ok but I didnt want to stop. The wetness and tightness of her pussy was nothing I could mimic with just...my hand. I pushed harder and felt my dick pressing against an unknown barrier. I knew I couldnt have reached the bottom because mom had the man all the way inside her. I gave a little thrust with my hips and felt myself being stopped again. I grabbed onto the carpet and gave a hard thrust. Juliet screamed out and I felt my dick make its way. I'd heard the raised voices but not the words said. Ann entered the room and we set off to the pub. Ann silent throughout while myself Chris and the girls merrily chatted, winding her up even more.Ten minutes later we were there.We got our drinks, sat down and chatted. Ann still not talking. Christine and the girls were on good form and looked stunning. Claire and Katie in short skirts, as usual, tight cropped tops, showing their taut flat stomachs and bare tanned legs.Christine was wearing a. My new land in Mindanao was costing me $760,000.00. Fifty hectares is in US terms 143.33 acres of very fertile ground. The average farmer there had one or two hectares. I had an idea how to use that land to my benefit.I sold a bunch of stuff, arranged for the shipment of the rest via a 40' cargo container to the Philippines. It might take two or three months to get there but that was just fine. I worked with my banks to transfer funds. I arranged for the installation of as fast an internet. He had also transformed him beyond recognition. He was sure that Andrew will get up from this latest fuck as a rather effeminate fuckhole, complete with the swishy gait, the little screams and, above all, the insatiable appetite for more cock. One final time he thrust and his powerful cock exploded in the most intense orgasm he had had in years. Feeling the sudden overwhelming flood of thick cum in his ass, Andrew wailed and screamed and came as well, came from the feeling of thick warm liquid.

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