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??Don?t bother about it,? said Louis. ?Just get yourself to the partabout the hat as quickly as you can.?Beasely continued his narrative. ?But what I ...id understand was that wewere there to kidnap the lady. No sooner were we in at the front door,then she was out the back one. I saw her go. That hat caught my eye. I?mthinking it was just coincidence she had the hat on. I?m thinking shewas already on her way out for a walk or such like. I?m the only one whosaw her going. No one else saw her, but. It made me constantly strive to be improve as a father and husband. Over the years, Brenda helped my mother through a couple of difficult medical problems. My dad always lit up when Brenda was near. I had hit the mother lode!Brenda never told me what was bothering her that night. I did notice that she was extremely amorous when we went to bed. She wasn't aggressive so much as she was insistent. She wanted to give me as much pleasure as she possibly could, and that girl could deliver the goods!I. Music emits from the speakers mounted on the deck, from within the house. The vibe is just right. I get swept up into music. My real feelings, thoughts of how my life should be, start to come out. The liquor mellows me out and starts to take control. I pull my boots off my feet, and climb up on my half dividing wall in the living room. The column's on either side become my dancing partners. I go between both columns, walking along the wall as if on a balance beam. People around me are clapping,. " Now Paul, call us again before the party so that we can arrange to the food. You know how much I love to cook." I know mom." What are you going to do with Sam's family during all of this?" I hadn't given it much thought. I kinda thought that now that she is gone, I wasn't really part of their family any more. Married until death, you know." Honey, I don't want to tell you how to live, but I think that they deserve a phone call from you to. If this condo of yours is as big as you say it is,.

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