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Nervously awaiting the knock on my door, I found myself becoming quite excited as well. The room was quiet and the sudden knock on the door was start...ing, even though expected. As the door swung open, squeaking hinges, never noticed by me before, suddenly seemed loud and menacing. He crossed the threshold clad in a dark business suit, hand cuffs tucked in the small of his back at his belt, gun holster over his shoulders so that you couldn't see the "bulge" of the gun under his jacket, and. "Good. You should come to Penn State, Kyle. You and I know each other already. You go anywhere else; you'll need time to get to know the QB. If you come to Penn State, you'll be a step or two ahead of the other freshman. I know you already. I know I can count on you when I put the ball up. That trust takes time to develop." I know it does," I finally got around to Zack's game. "I watched you on ESPN2 yesterday while I was getting ready for my date." Did you? It wasn't anything. Phil piled on. It is used for something else... as you will soon find out..." Oh..." Harry muttered. "I sure don't know much about a woman's, uh, uh, pussy." You will learn," Rose giggled. "Mrs Ayola will see to that..." Uh, good," Harry grinned."So, how does your juice taste?" Rose smiled at him as she sat back down on the edge of the bed."You mean... you mean you want me to pee... pee in your mouth?" he asked, his forehead creasing into a frown."No, you silly boy..." Rose laughed, reaching for his stiff,. But Looking Glass Manor's reputation had stuck out in his head for a longtime. Riverton had no real examples of anything special; it was yetanother awful suburb built in the 50's and 60's as white flight hit themajor cities. It had that manufactured, unnatural feeling of a place thatwas built to accommodate cars, not people. Erin had long hoped that hecould move out here some day, maybe to a bigger city where he wouldn'tneed that piece of shit he called a car. But instead, he had a failedyear.

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