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. That's some good soup (that's what we called it) & I passed the pipe to her for her own hit,as she does I'm looking at the TV screen on room #2 as a...CD & woman R getting kinky as the woman is blowing her Sissy Boi & fingering her ass cunt as I start to get turned on n sporting a boner as she says Mmmm..... How sexy it was watching them & says take it out sweetie n stroke it cause you know you want to. As I undress n stroke my cock in aww... Watching the couple she kneels in front of me & says. I saw the drawers to the chest of drawers was open and there was all types of underwear in there from thongs to frilly French knickers.And I realised that I would be wearing all of these.On top of the wardrobe, were three wigs, one blonde, one black and one auburn, all different styles. Besides them was a professional make up kit.He saw my eyes running over the make up."Don't worry" he said "I'll teach you how to put on the make up and then you'll be able to make yourself up when you come here. I walked back to the sofa and put her down, she seemed upset that I broke up the passion but that was short lived as I pulled at her robe tie and her tiny robe flung open, I stood there staring at her body, her boobs were small but pert, her nipples erect and she had slightly dark skin, my eyes wandered down to her white thong, a large bulge of pubic hair and was visibly escaping out the sides and up to her arse, she sat there with her head back and legs open, such an inviting sight.I knelt. I tell you to relax and that we have only just begun. We are laying there with my head on your shoulder and our breathing returns to normal. We talk a little and then my wandering hand starts to tickle you on your sides and belly as you giggle and squirm. You tell me that I had better watch out because you were going to get me if I didn't behave, so I stop tickling and start caressing you. Reaching for your cock I fondle it and stroke it up and down slowly, amazed at how big it is.

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