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Surprising to us both, my reaction remained calm, after the initial shock."We've been careful," I said."Maybe we didn't give it enough time," She vent...red."We need to know for sure," I told her.We went out and got a home pregnancy test. The next morning, Karen took it as I waited anxiously. It came back negative. We wanted to be certain, so the next morning she took another one, also negative. Still, she knew something wasn't right so she made an appointment with her OB/Gyn. The doctor made an. Dolly was unaware of the fact that I was coming to her home with the impression she was home alone.I quietly went upstairs and when I reached Dolly’s room, she was preparing for her shower. As she was alone at home, she didn’t bother to carry her clothes into the bathroom and started her shower.I was a bit nervous to do anything stupid. But I got some courage to see if I can peak into the bathroom. To my surprise, her bathroom door was not locked. So I opened the door a little and I saw her. Kyunki kal ki harkato se m thodi hwa me udne lagi thi ye aksar meri umar ki ladkiyo ke sath hota hai jab pehli baar koi ladka unke sareer ke sath aise mastiya karta hai . M chahti thi kala roj aisa hi kare isse mujhe bohot acha laga tha , han us waqt mene sex wex ke bare me bilkul bhi nhi socha tha or na hi uske bare me jada khas pata tha . M to bas us ehsas ke maje lena chahti thi jo kale ne kal diye the .Mujhe thoda thoda lag raha tha ki kala aaj fir ayega . Mere school ki chute 1 baje hoti. . We could play some cards or go to a movie or something - anything as long as I can be close to her. I just wish I could tell her how I really feel about her... (Before she could complete the thought, the phone rings.)"Hello?"It's Lis! - "Hey Lis, What's up?" - Talk about timing!Hot date? It can't be her boyfriend, she'd never be that excited about it if it was... and that SOB'd kill her if it was anyone else... - "You have a date tonight... and it's not Jesus? You trying to get.

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