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I licked all of her boobs except the nipples and areola. I like teasing and this was literally driving her nuts. She begged and urged me to heed her n...pples. And finally pushed my head on to her nipples. I sucked them licked them and bit them. She was on cloud 9. And finally, I came to the hole to heaven(as I like to call it.) as she slid her panty the drops sparkled and its brightness could be seen in my eyes. Fuck..!!! That’s all I could muster. She had done pussy exactly the way I liked it.. I scolded her, advising her he was just a puppy and all he wanted was for her to pet him and that was his way of saying he liked her. I secretly hoped she hadnt spoiled my plans. She recovered her aplomb and slid down on the floor to pet and console him. I hoped this would mitigate the potential damage of her reaction to his approach. Friday night came and I started to execute my plan. I fixed a nice dinner and made Margaritas, Lindas favorite drink. After dinner (and several Margaritas) Linda. They had just had a body painting contest so several women wore what looked like flowered tops at first glance. But a second glance revealed erect nipples barely disguised with paint.After dinner Sally changed into one of her negligees and we headed to the beach for a beach party around a bonfire. As newbies we were just taking things in so nothing happened that evening. Except, of course, our own evening activities back in the room.The following morning we slept in and then took an excursion. I pulled Jenny in front of the large mirror with her back to it, I ran my finger all over her body as I walked around her, I could see goose bumps up and down her arms as I moved around. "I'm going to tie your body up" to which she simply replied "you may do whatever you wish". I took the long white rope which must have been about ten metres long and folded it in half, from the centre of the rope I place it around her neck and tied a figure of eight just below her sternum, from here the two.

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