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She imagined herself rubbing him up and down, Claire even began to think about what he would taste like in her mouth. She’d always wanted to suck di...k. Imagining herself going down on him was making her feel rather horny. Slowly Claire started to stroke her breasts. She was wearing a cute little nighty – deep pink and satin. Her mum had got it for her as a gift for her 16 th Birthday. Claire loved the way it clung sexily to her curves. Wearing it, she felt like a pure goddess. She began to. During this moment of confusion, the succubus raised her sword above her head and brought it down on the creature. The creature raised his staff to block it, but the force of the rainbow sword caused his staff to break in-two. The creature tossed the broken staff to the side and raised his fists. “I am disarmed succubus. Will you not fight me the same?” The succubus paused for a moment before sheathing her sword. The moment she did, the creature let loose a thick wave of blue energy from both. For a nine year old it was a decent timepiece. A Rolex Submariner ... for a four year old it’s pretentious as all get out. And we had synchronized the time.The brat took off and left me still in the clutches of Mr Lieutenant Asshole.I could hear her cackling as she sped away.“This doesn’t count!” I hollered.“Does. He’s a course obstruction!”He didn’t turn me loose until she’d won.No ... wasn’t deliberate ... his chin was on the deck and there were flies laying eggs in his mouth.The kid can sail. I’ve never been fucked publically and this was the perfect opportunity. “It would be so hot if you did,” I whispered to Liu. He smiled and quickly raised his eyelids. I could tell his mental wheels were turning. “Do it!” Kevin whispered. “Consequences be damned,” Liu replied. I glanced over at Liu’s parents and I could see them shaking their heads “no”. My mom approached our table, her face red with anger and embarrassment. “Ok, you two. THIS has gone far enough. Kait, put your dress on and act.

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