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She could hear Dana’s breathless urgings between her loud moans, the animal grunting coming from both men, and she could see the exposed flesh, glis...ening with sweat under the bright office light. As all three worked themselves into a frenzy, Suzie’s fingers moved faster and harder. Being a secret voyeur was almost as enjoyable as being a participant.o0oNo stranger to extravagant sexual behaviour — after all, he lived in Hollywood — Robert was thoroughly enjoying himself. Before becoming rich. Caryn was back with Judy while I was already struggling inside the shower. There was no time to really talk to her, since the security company guy appeared just before I left. I gave him the schematics of the system the company had installed, and asked him to check if they worked as they should.My visit to the station was almost anticlimactic. The Lieutenant checked and confirmed all the facts once again, but I could see that his thoughts were running somewhere else. All that I could see out of. 'Now back to Rob, Annie please'She moved from one cock to another savouring each in turn'Now on the bed Annie'They gather around her as she lay thereHer nipples were sucked, chewed, stretched, slappedNow it was time to fuck the birthday girlRob straddled her and slipped his cock into her very moist pussySuzy grab Annie’s hair really tightThe others continued to tease her bodyRob pounded her cunt expertly then climbed off to be replaced by AndyThen Sam and finally Big AlOn he climbed inserting. "He reached down under the table and pushed her dress up almost to her waist and she involuntarily squeezed her legs together. Shocked, she looked around and noticed that only men were sitting facing their table. All the women were facing away. Obviously this had been set up with the owner prior to their arrival. Her nervousness returned as she wondered what the "something special" Master had planned for tonight was.He roughly pushed her thighs apart, exposing her naked cunt to any who.

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