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By the time I was finished with my cigarette my dick was squeaky clean and rock hard ready for another round. So,I ordered her to keep sucking while I...pack another bowl and toke up. She happily continued to work my cock over as I toked, she was moaning from the pleasure of servicing a dominant black cock. The bowl was nearly gone and my cock was throbbing,anxious to fuck this slut again. I ordered her off her knees and to bend over the bed on her knees with her ass up. She popped the cock out. ” Aar emni korte korte ami aar mami amader banrar aar guuder jol bar kore dilam. Ami pheda dhalar shomey amar laura ta mamir fguuder ekebare bheto porjonto dhukiye guuder bhetore amar pichkari ta charlam aar mamio amar banrar oopore guuder jolt a kol kol kore chere dilo. Ei barer choda chudite te amar khoob bhalo laglo. Mamir guuder bhetore amar mal charar shomeye amar mone holo je ami sargo te pounchiye gechee. Ami aar mami khanik khon chup chap shoeye thaklam. Pher mami hath bariye. ”Then Hina said, “Hmm! so how you manage your needs??”I asked her, “Which types of need??” But she did not reply.Ifran said, “Raja, now you live inside, so you pass your time from television and help Hina in household work, as you free now a days.”I replied, “Anytime biwiji, you just order me, how can I help you.”First time I saw their naughty act as I was inside the home. They kissed and hugged each other many times. They became naughtier at home. I easily took a glimpse of Hina biwiji boobs. I am a married woman with no c***dren, and my lover, is the husband to be for my best friend Sara, and he wanted us to have her Hen night here, because, I could arrange anything with the right contact, and I got wet just talking about it with him.'I want Sara to have a cum bath, and I want you to film it'.I looked at Jonny, my mouth hanging open, as he continued in an excited frenzy, '200 cocks just shooting at her face, she has to be naked, I want to see her love it'.'Fuck me Jonny, why'?Truth.

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