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“Would you really want us all to be wimps?” I answered her with a question.“No of course not,” She replied, “but it would make life easier f...r us women. Oh did you recognize the girl from last night?”“No, who was it?” I asked.“Oh no, ask Jon who she was. When you do, don’t let him get away without telling you.” she said with a laugh.Alright have him come talk to see me after school. I’m going to be home all day tomorrow doing the wash. I’m also going to buy groceries as well,” I admitted.“Be. But it also hides their fantasies and desires and they build their own world inside those black borders.They watch more porn than us, research about sex and imagine creative and wild ways of having sex than we can ever imagine. In public we only notice them pass by and we never give them attention. We give attention to other girls who show their curves. The niqab girls don’t have the freedom to be like them. But they build a different character behind their black wall, and when you pick her. When I woke up in the morning, Em kissed me again before she worked her way down to take my cock in her mouth. I pulled and tugged at her until she finally relented and planted her pussy on my lips. I’ve always been that way. I couldn’t fully enjoy just lying back and letting a girl do me without reciprocating. It just didn’t seem right to me. And I got so much more pleasure out of it when both my cock and tongue were being stimulated.And Em’s pussy was incredible. I’d touched it and frigged. Maine fir Payal ka sar pakda, uska hath mere lund se hataya aur zor zor se uski muh pelne laga. Uske muh se thuk nikalne lagi aur mera lund uske gale tak ja raha tha.Thodi der mein Payal thak gayi aur ishare se batayi. Maine uska muh chod diya, usse khada kiya aur mere lund se Ras se bhari uska muh chusne laga. Kya deep kiss kiya hum dono ne… uska muh mere lund ne namkeen kar diya tha.Thodi der hum aise hi kisses karte rahe aur fir maine usse ghumaya aur peeche se lund uski chut mein pel di..

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