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There were some teams that had easily quadrupled that number, but they were significantly lower level, being Spectres who had been limited by the low ...evel dungeons on Earth. It wouldn’t happen anytime soon, but in a few months’ time, there would be a large number of extremely high level Spectres ready to face off against anyone.Everyone soon filed out of the meeting room, some quickly as they had other things that needed to be taken care of, while others were more leisurely about it. I was in. It advised not to use these herbs for illicit purposes. This stuff smelled so bad it would gag a dog.Friday night mom was out shopping after work and Mandy was strutting around the apartment being a jerk as usual. I am not sure why but I had that little bottle and I removed it's dropper and put one drop in Mandy's cola. What a waste of money, Mandy had it and nothing changed.About 30 minutes later I noticed Mandy's face was flushed and red. I panicked and thought I have to call poison control. "I've been sucking dick since I was f******n years old."I said, "f******n?" That's over forty years." You were sucking dick at f******n?" That's a lotta dick … that's a lotta guys." Whose dick were you sucking at f******n?" My cousin," She stood-up again, took a hand towel from the bar and started drying her hair. "You'd think I'd have figured it out by now." Dan?" I said."Dave," She said, "You think I'd understand … be used to it. Not surprised when they do." Dave? Really? Gosh, he musta. "If the deal doesn't go through, it doesn't go through. Don't worry you'll still get your money and seat with my law firm like we agreed upon. If you notice in the contract if the deal goes through you'll get an extra $100,000 for the completion of the deal." The way he was looking into her eyes made him look like a completely different person at that moment. She couldn't tell if it made him completely scary to her that he can easily change his moods at a moments notice. Or if it turned her on..

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