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The leather and spiked collars adorned their graceful necks since their hair was pulled back on both rather than flowing. Nothing covering their shoul...ers or arms. The corsets supported their breasts like they were being offered to whomever chose to gaze upon them and as they walked, they jiggled. threatening to pop out. The skirts I chose were meant to mirror my chaps. So, they hugged their thighs and just above their knees split in front and back, creating the illusion of chaps. Finally, both. It started to slow down and finally stopped. She grabbed a few sheets of toilet paper and wiped it across her pussy lips. I noticed myself starting to get a little bit hard.This is the first time I had even seen anyone pee, let alone my mom. It kind of turned me on.She stood and pulled her panties up. I guess she must have missed some pee because I saw a wet spot emerge on her panties. After washing her hands, she turned around, gave me a kiss on the cheek and left.This time she left the door. I couldnt change my chest. I wanted it. I was growing attached to it, and I wanted more experiences with it, but I couldnt continue with my face the way it was. The neighbors that I didnt know couldnt notice when I switched back, if indeed I could switch back. So that was the plan. I got in the chamber and it welcomed Nancy. I found the right menu and I was able to change back into my old self. When I exited, I noticed the difference instantly. I felt lighter on my feet. I didnt like it. I got. I did wear the Kevlar just to add some protection, but safety wasn't my main concern, when I parked my Cruiser in the alley behind the pub.Jeremy had never called asking for help, so I was taking it very seriously. I went in through the kitchen which was empty. That wasn't right for the kitchen of the pub to be empty while it was open. So I stepped though the kitchen door into the pub with the shotgun up and ready for anything. Yes, I would be ready for trouble, but I would look foolish, if.

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