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" Huh?!" Last night. I'm sorry I was so dogmatic. I was way out of line."Eliana stared at him without comprehension. "What?" Of course women can expec... to get sexy with their husbands." Basel, you are being too kind. That's not what I said." You said something innocent, and I jumped on you." Basel, I have no right to gender bigotry!" Her eyes pleaded with him. "You're not angry with me?"He shook his head. "I'm just hoping we can put this matter behind us." They were in each other's arms a. It showed the Jeep going over boulders, running through streams, mud and even snow. A very exciting vehicle! Woo Hoo!Brenda came in "I have the keys, are you ready for a test drive?"I close the brochure and put it on her desk. "I sure am. Let's go."I stand and follow her out the front door and there is an orange Rubicon with standard sized wheels and tires, a black canvas top and only two extra lights attached to the windshield but other than that, stock in every way. "Wow, it sure is beautiful. ‘Look, I know you’re worried, but if she doesn’t like me, that just means that you’ll have to attend a few bad blind dates. Now, if you don’t mind, I would like to get some sleep.’ He looked up at her as though he was about to cry but it was hard for her to care at this moment. Normally that look would make her take back her statement and allow him to stay for longer. Tonight, though, that was not going to happen. As she pushed him towards the door, he instantly realized that she must have had. We were pretty tired so we had a couple of drinks and climbed into our sleeping bags.In the morning we couldn’t open the cabin door and the windows were completely covered with snow. We were essentially snowed in. That didn’t set well with the girls though. Ted and I just peed in an old can and then started to find a way for the girls to get to the outhouse. It was not as easy as it sounded. Eventually the girls peed in the can too and we threw the last piece of wood on the fire.We opened a.

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