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You are mine and like I promised girl, I am yours!” After several minutes of hard breathing by both of them the man looks into her eyes and then gri...s, “Do not think you are finished yet my girl for we have just begun!” And with that he carries her over to the table and drops her onto it and continues pumping his still semi hard cock in and out of her while she is sitting up looking at him. He pulls her hair away from her neck and rubs his fingers around it and grins. “You will be loved my pet. He said to her "you must have been having a great dream, I have been watching for you almost 15 minutes"The fear she had during the first encounter was not present, the only thing she felt was excitement. Instead of looking away from him, she stared directly at his eyes, and she began to finger herself with greater speed and pushing her fingers in deeply.Without a word between them, he bent down, and pulled her top off, this time not content to just rub her breasts he takes one into his mouth. “We’re in room 6 at the end of the hall.” Said the nurse. Robert made his way into the room, and knowing the drill he undressed to his boxers and the nurse too k his height and weight, and after doing so she said, “Dr. Kelso will be with you shortly” and walked out the door.A short time later, the door opened and a blonde woman who appeared to be in her late 20’s walked in carrying a clipboard. Robert looked in shock; he was not expecting a woman. She was very attractive although she was. "John, it's after five! You can't sleep all day. Get up and ready for work. I'll make a breakfast."This time, I ate the best breakfast in memory. I picked up the dirty dishes and quickly washed them. I could tell that Stan approved of that. I couldn't afford to wear out the only welcome I had!The second day was even worse. I managed three pallets and started another, but my back was killing me. My stomach muscles hurt and my head would buzz from time to time. By the time Stan drove me to his.

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