People knew that I, too, was capable of rape, so they left me the fuck alone.After that dick-biting incident, they moved me to another cellblock. My n...w cellmate was a short little Hispanic guy. But he was quiet. Shy. Scared to death. I had moved way beyond that scared shit years ago. By this point, I was hardened.The guy's name was Mario. I tried to chat him up, but he was quiet. He had only been in for a few weeks. His previous cellmate, a seasoned felon serving for assault and battery, had. She pulled on his cock while getting deeper into his butthole.“Does the bad boy like my dick? Does the bad boy want me to fuck him harder?”“Please.”Susan rode Mark hard with her strap-on. She fucked him deeper and deeper until he screamed in pleasure and pain. She slapped his sore buttocks while fucking him like a horse. She pulled on his cock while she took advantage of him.He was moaning and groaning while she fucked his brains out. His cock was on the verge of coming.“Wank yourself! Show me. I’d known for a long time I liked men – but never done anything – I could feel my erection starting - turned to hide it and asked if it was OK to have a shower. In the bedroom I changed from my underpants into my jockstrap – I’d got this because it made me feel sexy – I often wore it to masturbate – watching myself in the mirror. Which I guess is what I planned to do as soon as I got to the bathroom. Instead of wrapping the towel round me as I walked past the living room – I held it hiding. Our tongues dancing and our hands roaming over each others bodies. My hands ventured down her back slowly sliding over her skirt and cupping her ass. Lower the hands ventured below the hem of her skirt onto her supple naked thighs, then my hands caressed up her leg towards her ass. As my hands reached her ass I realised she was wearing no panties. She broke the kiss long enough to give me one of her cheeky smiles and her eyes filled with lust.At that moment I moved my hands to her top and.

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