I kneeled down to see if anyone was in the stalls, but I was alone. There are three stalls and I went to far one and stripped down. I don't usually ge... naked when I cruise bathrooms, but this particular place made me feel comfortable and I was really horny! I hung my clothes on the back of the door and sat and waited, slowly masturbating. I sat there for almost twenty minutes before someone entered, and I could tell right away that there were two of them as they were talking. It was all dude. She didn't seem to mind that I reached orgasm in her mouth, just as I certainly never mind when I bring her to orgasm with my mouth, in fact it is the ultimate turn on for me to do so, even more pleasurable than my own orgasm. It arouses me tremendously to think I am bringing pleasure to the woman I love. And not only that, but I love the way my wife tastes; every taste: her lips and tongue, her ears, neck, breasts, feet, and especially her labia, clitoris and vagina. I am addicted to her. He looked around the room his secretary had booked for him. It was beautiful, with a living room, a wet bar, large bathroom with whirlpool and a beautiful bedroom behind French glass doors. Before he heard from Paige, he imagined that he and Carly would have a wild time all around the suite and even in the whirlpool.But now, Stephen had a great deal to think about. And none of it included a sexual romp with his lovely mother. The day had turned out very differently than expected. He hadn't even. We left the next morning and I loved the stretchy riding pants Buck gave me. There are no pockets and the gusset fits snuggly into my groin. Those pants also accentuate my ass by separating my ass cheeks. Buck was in no hurry and we were in a walking gait where we covered about four miles an hour. He stayed just a little to the side and behind me, no doubt to check out my ass moving in the saddle.The movement caused the ridge on the twist and pommel to part my labia, and just barely rub my clit.

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