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I knew that he really liked doing that and I found it so arousing to feel him slide against my cock and belly as I stroked his ass cheeks and flipped ... finger over his arse-hole.I felt his orgasm start to build and pulled him towards me to kiss him full on the mouth. You’d have thought I’d switched him to turbo-drive as he desperately increased the rate he was rubbing me and suddenly he arched backwards pulling away from my lips, his face neck and chest went pink like a blush, and came hard. Havingsecretly shaved off what little leg hair he had, the tights feltreassuringly soft against his smooth skin. After quickly padding out hisempty bra with some tissues for a partly stuffed look, he turned hisattention to the finishing touch. His mothers best red dress.After carefully hoisting it over himself, he brought it down over hishead. The whole time making sure he didn't damage an inch of theexpensive fabric. The silky dress flowed around and moulded itselfnaturally to his body shape.. "Casting call for Ladylike special." The article headline read. I readthe article and handed back the paper."Not a chance," I told her as forcefully as I could. The casting callwas for a reality show in which men were to be transformed into womenfor a few months to see if they could adjust to things as women.Any size or shape men were welcome, the article stated. The onlyrequirement was that you be willing to give up three months to let theproducers of the show make you over as a woman then be. Aside from feeling much more stretched, it actually felt better than Mistress Bella’s rubber dong had a few months earlier. I guess real meat is just better.‘Look at you, Michelle.’, Mistress said as she zoomed the camera in close. ‘You’ve taken a monster cock completely into your little sissy-boy ass and your little cock is hard. I knew you could do it.’Thomas started thrusting slowly and it was clear that he was playing to the camera with long slow full strokes that my asshole was helpless to.

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