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I smile and lightly caress his face with the back of my hand while holding a blindfold in the other. I lift his head slightly and secure the blindfold... I leave the ball gag on the nightstand for later use. Right now I want to hear all his noises. I creep up from the bottom of the bed in between his legs, my finger nails lightly tracing along his legs on the way up until I reach his penis. It looks in dire need of some of my loving. I kiss around his dick lightly to tease him and I notice a cute. I mean, girls were waiting in line to go out with that guy. I figured I would go out with him once. Let everyone see me out with him and that would be it. Then when you asked me out again, we'd get together. Except you never asked me again."And even when I hinted that I wanted to you to ask me, you didn't. You asked someone else. Instead of telling you how much I really wanted to go to homecoming with you, I let my pride tell you that I only wanted to go as friends. I didn't. I knew that Carrie. She is very fair. She has been married for 5 years. Her curves are 34d 30 36. She was my good friend and I never had bad intentions towards her. She is very kind to me and was a very helping person.I had started liking her soon. Later my liking changed. I started getting attracted to her and I fell in love with her. One day I finally confessed to her and she said that its normal to love a person. She was very normal knowing that I love her. I used to catch a glimpse of her boobs whenever I get. She got up adjusted her clothes and started again.The voice was of Raj, a temp who had come as a filler in his summer vacation. While Jinsha was walking away, Raj starred at her round buttocks that swung in rhythm. He thought he missed to grab them or he would know how soft she was. Raj gave an evil smile to himself and went off.Jinsha reached just in time at her boss’ office and arranged the files just as told. She sighed of relief. She let herself calm down for a while and then she felt.

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