”I started walking again, “first we have to find the king’s sheriff station and then we can look for food.”She whispered, “you are a sheriff...”I looked back and then slowed and gestured for her to walk beside me, “I am a warrior. I was hired to hunt the raiders.”Her eyes widened, “none dare fight them.”I snorted as we went through the gate with guards watching us, “I will do more than fight them.”She looked at me before looking down. A minute and I saw the building and stable yard for a king’s. Go on. Oh fuuuuuucccckkkkk. Oh my god.”He reached up with his hands grabbing her tits and then pulling her arse cheeks apart. He had wonderful stamina and as he fucked she was lost her body having orgasm after orgasm. Her stomach seemed to vibrate in time to his thrusts. At last he came inside her and she collapsed onto his body covered in sweat her body glowing.They tidied up in the kitchen where they made love on the kitchen table. They went to bed and made love again each time she was lost. His hands slid down my back, back down to my hips and my ass, playing with the zipper of my skirt.“David,” I said airily.“You want me to leave, Ms. Dellucci?”Ooh, I liked how he said my name so gently. He was rubbing himself against me, making himself harder again on my ass.We heard voices by the door. He pushed me towards the wall, away from the door. The chatter subsided as the hallway began to clear. I had my hands on the wall. He had his arms around my waist, grinding his boner into me.“I. I rubbed her clit very fast as she fucked that metal tool. Wendy was moaning and I could see her juices leaking all over her leather couch."Harder, bitch", I said. She moaned and screamed as she kept fucking it. I could see her face, neck and chest start to get red and knew this little whore was about to cum. "Yea, cum for me, slut," I yelled. Wendy was now finger fucking herself with one finger in her anus. Then, Kim got really stiff and she came right on the speculum. At almost the.

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