Then my make up, I had never had any facial hair so there was no problemin that region; I put on a little foundation, to even my skin out,Then I shape... my eyebrows with a pencil giving them a bit of a contour,then my eye lashes using black mascara and my eye tongs to give them acurl up, next my eye shadow, starting off using a light pink colour onthe lids building up to a dark pink just below my plucked eyebrows, alittle blusher on my cheek bones, then some deep red lip liner, filled inwith a. He was super clean cut and had a nice smell to him and soft voice. I asked him to come in and showed him the way to the bedroom. We walked to the bedroom and my wife was setting on the side of the bed. I could see the sparks in her eyes when she saw Steve, but she said to him “thank you for responding to my husband’s crazy ad, I hope you know it was his idea” Steve smiled at her and said there are much crazier things than that. I pulled a chair and set in one of the corners to watch. . Cum hard and let it all splash out for me!" she called out to me in her sexual tone of soft female voice.My hips were now beginning to gently rock in motion with her jerking action, bouncing a little off the sofa seat as my cock thrust between her tight grip upon my cock which was so wet with her saliva covering it. Then, it happened. With one huge thrust of my hips, my cock exploded as a wave of cum spewed out of the tip of my cock and rose a foot or more in the air before crashing back down. She smiled sometimes and it seemed as if the fight was long forgotten. After our meal, we walked through the mall for a short time until we found a bench where we sat. Y really has a strong passion(which you might not guess if you look at her) and she gave me a nice, long French kiss on that bench. I was a bit surprised, since most Indonesian girls don't seem to be too big on showing affection in public, but I thought if she doesn't mind, neither would I. However, French kissing on a bench put.

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