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The two were locked in a 69 position and eagerly lapped at each other’s clits and labias. Wanda used Peggy’s chin, mouth, nose as her own toy. She rocked her pussy all over her willing partner’s face. Peggy would try to keep up by using her tongue and lips to reach inside Wanda’s cunt when it was positioned right over her mouth. Otherwise, she just laid there and enjoyed the feeling of being a face for Wanda to hunch. It was not long before they each had a spectacular orgasm. Wanda. He was shaving. Susan decided she'd better not say anything, though."I hope you'll forgive me for shaving right now," Mr. Beauchamp said. "Of course, it's something I usually do at home. I simply had so much work to do this morning before coming to school, though. School-related work, I mean. I find that I often have to take my work home with me, and sometimes I can't get it all done in the evening. A vice-principal's job is a very busy one. Not that I'm complaining. I enjoy my job very much. I. The dry cloth bulging my cheeks out and stretching, distorting my face as you force it all in. I am wiggling beneath you, slapping back with my one free hand, trying to kick back but never quite making contact with you. ‘That’s so much better you dirty mouthed little bitch. So much better for you just to shut the fuck up!’Struggling, my words coming out just as muffled groans I am exhausting myself trying to get out from under you. Reaching into the clean washing stacked on the side I see you. I could feel the warmth and maybe a hint of moisture through her jeans. “I want your mouth here. Taste me please?” she said, her eyes sparkling and staring straight into mine. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” I asked. “I think it’s a brilliant idea, all you need to do is say yes,” she replied without any hesitation whatsoever. “Yes,” I breathed as she pressed my fingers into her harder. “Let’s go!” Jayne said smiling as she stepped towards the curb to hail a cab. It was only a short ride.

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