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"We can help each other. You are the one I choose..." Then sheheld out her hand.I stared at the glowing woman, realizing that she wanted to bond Bonding with a spirit was a serious commitment, one that would lastfor the rest of your life. Yet for some reason, I felt that this wasthe right choice. Without further hesitation, I took her hand in mine.The moment I touched the spirit, a burst of power surged into me, almostas though I was struck by lightning. It was her...her presence. My husband hated it, he saw a very old crystal vid and he said the only beings who drove such things were mad killers in this planet's old time, who eat too much and shot everyone with old guns horrid. I saw one of them vids, a 1000 year old with parts missing called the Godfather. I see what my dear husband means.I saw history vids. This world has been bathed in blood. But now I think they do have a New Start. I looked at my husband wearing a lovely grey skirt suit, knee length pencil skirt,. Mat seemed to look far away and didn’t answer immediately, so Melanie was afraid she’d offended him. When he did answer, it was with a wistful look. ‘I was engaged once, about 12 years ago,’ Mat said. ‘A month before the wedding, she backed out. At first, she told me she just didn’t know if she loved me. I soon found out that an old boyfriend from high school had come back in the picture, and he kind of swept her off her feet. I was really hurt, but at least she had the decency to leave me. . ” I asked ” kal kisko lagaya..”He was now free .“Madam , kal subah mey maine aur Hema madam ke husband ney ek saath madam ke saath holi khela .. aur sham ko school kee 2 ladkiya ghar aaee , mai unn dono aur bibi ke saath jam kar holi kheli….”“Mujhe biswaas nahi hota kee tune Hema ko choda hai…” I doubted“Madam, kal school jaakar dekh lijiyega .. ” Nandu said,“Unke thighs ke beech, chuttar aur chuchi par apne motey ‘pen’ se maine apna naam likha hai…wo abhee 8-10 din nahi mitega… ”“Baap re ,.

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