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Let Steve tell you when.”“Thanks,” she said. “I should go back to the desk.”“Thanks, Kimmy,” I said.Elyse’s blinds were closed, so I g...abbed Kimmy’s hand to stop her. I hugged her and she smiled, then went back to the reception desk.“Was that really necessary?” I asked.“Yes. Girls get careless. Penny did.”“True.”“Learn that lesson, Steve. Your little High School girls will get careless, too. A fourteen-year-old has NO clue about life. Her hormones drove her to fuck, and your skills will bring. "Well, do I meet with your approval?" She stood before me with her arms by her sides."Uhhh," was all I could muster as a response."It wasn't exactly how I planned to be naked with you for the first time, but..." she paused and then continued, "am I up to your standards?" Emma, you are absolutely the prettiest, most exciting girl I have ever seen. Your body is so damned hot!" You're the first boy that has ever seen me like that." I could see her staring at my tented shorts. "Did I make that. .. my... god!" Misao cried, sparkles in her eyes. Sparkles thatpromptly faded when she noticed "Kaoru's" odd hair colour. "Wait aminute... Himura!?"Aoshi, for what must've been the first time in his life, went wide-eyedas he realised that it was not the dojo owner whose mouth his tongue wascurrently exploring."Kenshin!?" Yahiko cried, his eyes wide as saucers."Alright, Kenshin, I guess you've learned your lesson by n-" Kaoru beganas she walked out, having changed out of Kenshin's clothes to her. The guys on the other hand couldn’t help get bulges in their shorts.Now Mama was all smiles, begging me to come out to the dock. Of course the guys had to pretend to help me up on the dock. Just what I thought was going to happen, all the guys hands wandered all over me as they got me up on the dock.“Wow I like this.” Mother said as she dived off. Trying to get back on the dock, she flashed a knowing grin that these young guy’s hands would be all over her. ‘Did I create a monster?’ I thought as.

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